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    • Anees Mohammad

      Anees Mohammad EDG 605 Final Portfolio

      ...63/anees-mohammad-final-portfolio-upload State Assessment Analyses Evidence:

      • Germa Dubois

        Germa Dubois EDG 605 Reading Response Week 2

        Germa Dubois Professor Gerald Ardito EDG 605   The difference between what I think I know ab...achers commonly use to assess student learning of new material and knowledge of state standards are fo...

        • Anees Mohammad

          Anees Mohammad Week Three Assessment Analysis

          Part One: State Assessment Part Two: Class Assessment

          • Anees Mohammad

            Week Five Storying Data Project

            Here is my link to the storying data project: Here is a link to an infographic illustration I created:  

            • Ashley Carpenter

              EDG 605 Classroom Summative Assessment Analysis

              Selected work from EDG 605: Reading Response 2 & Summative Assessment ...they require students to demonstrate their knowledge instead of simply parroting...primarily measure basic skills and discrete knowledge—but neglect com...

              • Mashfiq Ahmed

                Mashfiq Ahmed - Final Portfolio

       Here is my Week 2 Reading Response: He...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Dr. Ardito's EDG 605 Week 1 Reading Responses

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                  • Anees Mohammad


                    The purpose of feedback in the classroom is to enhance the learning experience of students. Feedback should be salient so that students can take actional steps to eit...

                    • Mashfiq Ahmed

                      Mashfiq Ahmed's EDG-605 Week 2 Reading Response

                      Based on what I know about feedback and assessment, assessment is done in an effort to determine how a student is progressing and how much of the content they underst...

                      • Andre Barrella

                        Andre Barrella Week 2 EDG 605

                        Feedback and assessment are the key principles of education. A circular path that teachers follow to gather information on where they think the student is, and where...