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    • Gerald Ardito

      Learning Module #1 - How Do We Learn Science?

      ...thing as part of this module to Pace Commons, please use the tag ED644LearningModule1. 2. Extend the Path. You w...we are having in this module? Again, be sure to use the tag ED644LearningModule1. I very much look forward...


      • Gerald Ardito

        Alan Kay on Powerful Ideas

        Alan Kay is a renowned computer scientist. He designed the first tablet in 1968. His team at PARC developed the first windows based operating system, along with a large number of other innovations which have shaped our experience of working with computers. Throughout his career, Kay has been i...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 3 - Learning Module #1

          For this week, we will work on the first of three Learning Modules for this course. This work will all be done outside of our classroom. You can find the details here: Learning Module 1 As we said in class, participate often, participate generously, and participate in a way that furt...

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