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    • Duffy Brennan


      ...o o o Jaclyn Dellisanti yesterday Hi Duffy, I agree with Robert. It s...o o o Jamie Soldinger 8 hours ago Hi Duffy! I enjoy your big ideas, e...

      • Christina Katechis

        Teaching Reflection

        ...nts to make. I wasn’t very clear with myself how I was going to go about having the class memorize the numbers 1-10 in Greek. At least I got Duffy to count to three in Greek on...

        • Duffy Brennan

          US History Assessment by Duffy, Robert, and Olivia

          Part One When going through the curriculum for high school social studies, specifically US history, I noted several interesting trends. There is great emphasis plac...

          • Duffy Brennan

            Taylor and Duffy Project

            The students must come up with some sort of representation of cell energy cycle but cannot use power point Requirements: Show the type of energy i.e. Phot...

            • Robert Goldberg

              Robert Goldberg Peer review reflection

              ...ely be at least one snow day.   February 27th review although if there are two snow days this will also be a catch up day.   Duffy wrote “I am confused ab...