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    • Lorna McKenzie

      Reading Response#2

      The physical change that is the most significant in middle schoolers is clearly body shape and size. As adults we have experienced this, yet we are not as empathetic as...

      • Jake Rapoport

        Jake Final Reflection

        . The first piece I thought about when starting this final reflection was my first reading response way back in the beginning.

        • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

          Summary and Analysis #3 (breadcrumb)

          The current summary and analysis seeks to answer questions 2-4 in the research proposal. I am beginning to realize that 3-4 summaries a week will be required to cover t...

          • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

            Youth Cultures Project

            Please scroll down to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.           Adolescents often wonder about the future. Many ponder, “Wh...

            • Louie

              Week 3: Breadcrumbs

              Hey everyone, This week I went through chapter 3 on student development.  Chapter 3 provided  a lot of ways to better understand my students, which will he...

              • Gina Corselli

                Why I Want To Be A Teacher

                Growing up I have always wanted to have an impact on someone's life. I never thought I wanted to become a teacher, I always thought I would formulate my career arou...

                • Susan Granata

                  Unit 2 - Week 1 Learning Log - Granata

                  Begin logging your procedure by restating what topics you covered I reviewed the initial training video introducing the changes to Processing with the new...