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    • Brianna Walter

      Brianna Walter

      About me: I am 7-12th grade ELA teacher at Mount Pleasant Blythedale.  I am currently enrolled in the Ed Tech Advanced Cert program.  Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with fellow techies!


      • Howie Wong

        Comment on "Just one more thing"

        ...ut don't know what it really is. Some students may be interested, while others are not. I try to increase motivation with a range of basic to advanced activities to stimulate them...

        • Jeff Magliola

          Comment on "Week 2 Response"

          ...what to do! Their world is so dramatically different than ours was when we were their ages. Maybe these kids are just going to be that much more advanced than any of us.  HOWE...

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          • Kendall Stevenson

            Week 4 Online learnig

            Week 4. Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)   An advanced persistent threat is an attac...there without being detected. Advanced persistent threats are partic...ts of the APT—short for advanced persistent threat—group...

            • Jacqueline Coughlin

              Unit 2 Reading Response - Literacy & Programming

              ...s we’ve discussed, actually putting the language in action is an advanced way to increase cognitive ski...ether the simplification is “too simplified,” or still too advanced. Essentially, these strategie...

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              • Jake Rapoport

                Robotics Article Analysis

                ...Kansas City Star gives one of the better examples I’ve seen of ways to get students engaged in this subject area. While it clearly is more advanced than a basic robotics or codi...

                • Jenelle Dyer

                  Science rubrics

                  Thought this would be helpful. If it is too advanced it can be adjusted.



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                  • Gerald Ardito

                    CS for Teachers Spring 2020 Course Work

           education   (you can find the ADVANCED version of this unit here)...omputational Thinking. (you can find the ADVANCED version of this unit here)...r interactive devices. (you can find the ADVANCED version of this unit here)...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      CS for Teachers Spring 2019 Course Work - ADVANCED

                      Here is a link to the archive of online class sessions. Course Organization The course is organized into a set of five interconnected units. They are:  ...


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                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Unit 5 – Putting it all together. Showing what you know ADVANCED

                        In this unit, we will be putting together all that we have learned about computer science as a set of literacies and how we can put this this new knowledge and skills into practice in schools and classrooms.   For this unit, the work you do depends upon which program you are in. ...

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                        • Gerald Ardito

                          Unit 4 – Break It to Make It: Learning about maker spaces through robotics ADVANCED

                          Welcome! We are going to spend a few  weeks learning how to program robots and then show off what we know in a competition. For this unit we are using the Edison Robot which is pretty easy to program, but which is also capable of doing some very complex things. Here is wh...

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