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    • Howie Wong

      Comment on "Just one more thing"

      ...ut don't know what it really is. Some students may be interested, while others are not. I try to increase motivation with a range of basic to advanced activities to stimulate them...

      • Jeff Magliola

        Comment on "Week 2 Response"

        ...what to do! Their world is so dramatically different than ours was when we were their ages. Maybe these kids are just going to be that much more advanced than any of us.  HOWE...

        • Maria Minafra

          Comment on "Week 2 Response"

 how to program robots. It truly is amazing how much young students can grasp. They are going to be well-prepared to enter this technologically advanced world. I wish programs like t...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Comment on "New York Science Standards Reflection"

   be most challenging to understand. I feel like I would have trouble coming up with a lesson since the standards for lessons start to get very advanced. I am currently doing my fiel...

            • Susan Granata

              Comment on "Gallagher Turtle Blocks Unit 1"

              Good idea to write your name! I think that this new iteration of turtle seems easier to use than the last time we used it, or perhaps we just are that advanced that we are able to manipulate the code better. I remember struggling last year with this program, but feel it's much easier now!

              • Alex Muniz

                Comment on "Response to the Ancient Philosophers"

                ...arth through a teleological lens, meaning all living things had some end goal they spent their existence working towards. His logic was also very advanced for his time, establishi...