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    • Gina Corselli

      Fieldwork Experience

      I attached both fieldwork assignments in the document. For the first assignment, I wrote a reflection on my fieldwork and the experience. For the second assignment, I did...

      • Daniela Salazar

        Final Portfolio

        Here is an analysis/summary of my coursework!

        • Tee Williams

          Learning Log - Code is Beautiful

 Learning Log Name:...

          • Lisa Berlinger

            Final Reflection Paper

            Here is my final reflection paper. I hope to see you all in the fall!

            • Brianna Walter

              Brianna Walter's Inquiry Reflection

              Reflection, Charts, Graphs & Tools Used

              • Andrew Wells


                • Golanda Prince-Trim

                  Final Reflection

                  Believe it or not! Reflecting, this semester has been one of the most challenging for me. I have encountered and dealt with multiple obstacles that come my way during pas...

                  • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

                    WrappingItUp-School Proposal

                    Sharjana Rohman-Hashem ED 631 Wrapping It Up-Proposal to Administrators Dear School Administrators of I.S. 259, I have been taking an Educational Psychology...

                    • Mary Musolino

                      Final Inquiry Report Mary Musolino

                      This is the final inquiry report for the project titled Empowering Students to do Meaningful, Long-Term Scientific Research. I looked at the role of project genesis...

                      • Luis Torres-Scott

                        Weekly Reflection