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    • Gerald Ardito

      Session 7 - October 1st

      Here is the work for our next class  on Monday October 1st. 1. SQOTW#4. Nicolette has posted her question here. Be sure to respond by Sunday, September 30th. 2. Reflection on Science Standards. Now that we have reviewed all of the grade level standards, I would like you to reflect on w...

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      • Kaitlyn Kennedy

        Science Standards Reflections

        After learning/reading about the various standards for science I agree and like how each grade level builds upon one another. While listening to the presentations you can see how each grade adds a little more than the previous, to what the students should know. For example in kindergarden student...

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        • Rachel Scarano

          New York Science Standards Reflection

          Reflecting on the New York Science Standards, I noticed that they are organized by the different grades and also separated by the different sciences (Physical Science, Earth/Space Sciences, and Life Sciences). For each page, it includes how students will demonstrate their understandings for the s...

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          • Michael Smith

            Standards Reflection

            Researching about second grade science standards and learning about the other grades from the other groups really opened my eyes to some topics that I hadn't considered were to be "taught" in a science lesson. For example, I think the most notable of that is learning how to form an ...

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            • Mikaela Fernandes-Dix

              Science standards reflection

              Mikaela Fernandes-Dix After reading and listening to everyone’s views and perspectives on the science standards I think I could handle these in a classroom setting. I think doing the class project of everyone tackling a grade in the standards was a good idea because then everyone got to...

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              • Angelica Iris Ortiz

                Reflection on Science Standards

                From what I have learned about the Science Standards, I believe that they are organized by not only different science topics, but the lessons behind those topics start off as basic as they can and build up from there. For example, pre-school students will only be introduced to two types of m...

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