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    • Gerald Ardito

      Session 7 - October 1st

      ...written and argued, with evidence provided by the standards themselves. You will create a blog post for this work and use the tag: #sciencestandreflect 3. Plant Growing Activity....


      • Gerald Ardito

        Session 7 - October 1st

        Here is the work for our next class  on Monday October 1st. 1. SQOTW#4. Nicolette has posted her question here. Be sure to respond by Sunday, September 30th. 2. Reflection on Science Standards. Now that we have reviewed all of the grade level standards, I would like you to reflect on w...

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        • Kaitlyn Kennedy

          Science Standards Reflections

          After learning/reading about the various standards for science I agree and like how each grade level builds upon one another. While listening to the presentations you can see how each grade adds a little more than the previous, to what the students should know. For example in kindergarden student...

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