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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 1 - "Getting Oriented and Organized"

      Welcome to Week 1 - Getting Oriented and Organized Here is what to do: 1. Watch the Introduction Video. Here is a link to the corrected presentation. 2. Look over the Wikipedia article on Educational Psychology. Think about: What patterns do you see in the article about the areas ...

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      • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

        Ed Psych Week 1: Boredom

        Dr. Ardito mentioned backwards design in his video presentation, and I think this is going to be an effective framework for me to use throughout this course. That said, I want to define my research question and a desired instructional outcome before delving into the specific research that will se...

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        • Zeeshan Pervaiz

          ED 631

          My focus for Educational psychology is to understand how students think and how I can utilize this to create lessons that are conducive to as many thinking styles as possible. The 2 topics in the introduction video that I would gravitate towards are learning theories and models and designing lear...

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          • Alexa Tanglis

            Just one more thing

            After reading the wikipedia article, the first thing that comes to mind is that I can't possibly think about all of this while simultaneously planning, can I?  That being said, I think this topic offers interesting insight to better understand my students.  I have been try...

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            • Howie Wong

              First Draft is always the most blunt

                Hello everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m Howie Wong and I teach Chemistry at Edward R Murrow High School. My plan for this course is to learn from the past towards the present. The order I want to go in is: History --> Motivation --> Student develo...

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              • Jay Annam

                Week 1

                Looking at the four themes of the course, the theme that stuck out to me the most was motivation. I think an internal source of motivation is crucial for student learning, and having that would allow the student to be able to keep going even in the most challenging of environments. This is why I ...

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                • Marshal Burns

                  Draft for Unit Plan for course

                  Hello!! For those that don't know me, my name is Marshal Burns and I teach middle school science (7th & 8th grade) at David A. Boody in Brooklyn. My goal for this course is to become better at designing lessons for my students and completing all the necessary background work that goes int...

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                  • David Zheng

                    Educational Psychology Introduction & Outline

                    From the Wikipedia page, educational psychology seems to be primarily focused on how and why students learn, which is something we all need to be familiar with. In my classroom, I've needed to address questions of "Why are we even learning this?" multiple times, so learning abo...

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                    • Jenelle Dyer

                      Outline of Course Plan

                      After reviewing the video I decided against following a backwards design because I believe that designing a learning environment requires a depth of understanding of the students' needs. I would like to have a design that is as effective as possible in providing the necessary conditions for t...

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                      • Vicente Viteri

                        Outline For The Next 14 Weeks

                        First off, hi. It has been a little while. If you were in Ardito's class in the fall, hello again, and if not then I am giving you a firm virtual handshake. I teach at a small school in Manhattan, about 250 students and I teach Earth Science, AP Environmental Science, and Chemistry. I am...

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