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    • Gerald Ardito

      Final Reports, all in one place (mostly)

      Here is a set of links to all of your final reports. Take a look and a...chool Email Title Final Report Link Sarah...

      • David Zheng

        ED631 Final Paper

         PDF of my final paper on creating a student-centered classroom.      

        • Clarissa Martinez

          My Final Action Plan ED631

          My Final Action Plan ED631 S.M.A.R.T Goal Specific Goal: I wo...tion Plan Submitted Week 2: Final Ac...ments Week 12: Designing my project (catch up on any reading/ w...ssed) Week 13: Designing my project Week 14: Designing my project   #ed6312017actionplan

          • Sara Herbrand

            Reflection + Final

            ...h and the mBot.  For the project I designed, I decided to take...sp;This was my goal with this project.  I wanted to create a be able to accomplish in a project.       &...uated!     Final Project

            • Alicia Gallagher

              Code is Poetry Final Project

     this code when creating my final part of this project so that I could create a la...650); would work for my final project window size. 4. In the...oding. Final Reflection | After reviewing yo...t that it was great that this project was a part of a unit because...

              • Marshal Burns

                Put this plan into action

                My updated action plan for ED631: Educational Psychology...mons   April 13th--> Designing Final Project -Leave a Blog Post (Upda...mons   April 20th--> Designing Final Project -Leave a Blog Post (Update...

                • Alexa Tanglis

                  Breadcrumbs Week 9

                  ...dents assemble a portfolio of projects that are all content and g...pass to graduate.  This final project usually requires months of wo...very step of the way on these projects.  Although a surprising...t write what I wrote in their final version assuming I just added t...

                  • Jade Solomon

                    Beautiful Evidence Blog Post

                    ...ssignments such as essays and projects will be lessened while stu...d assigned an end of the unit project for my junior American Litera..., read the text, and create a final essay regarding the text’...example, while working on my project, I had decided to focus on th...

                    • Sam Miake-Lye

                      Week 12 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 4)

                      I have finally reached the final subsection of my study for ED631. The last portion of...rds. I am very excited to include this figure in my final paper. The chapter also inspi...crises work in my head, which I will include in my final p...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Submitting your Final Inquiry Report

                        Here is where you will upload your Final Inquiry Project Reports for 2017-2018. You do this: 1. Prepare your final report. Use this If you have prepared your Final Report as a Google Doc anothe...r file. Copy this url. Your final reports are due by May 21st....