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    • David Zheng

      ED631 Final Paper

       PDF of my final paper on creating a student-centered classroom.      

      • Gerald Ardito

        Final Reports, all in one place (mostly)

        Here is a set of links to all of your final reports. Take a look and a...chool Email Title Final Report Link Sarah...

        • Clarissa Martinez

          My Final Action Plan ED631

          My Final Action Plan ED631 S.M.A.R.T Goal Specific Goal: I wo...tion Plan Submitted Week 2: Final Ac...ments Week 12: Designing my project (catch up on any reading/ w...ssed) Week 13: Designing my project Week 14: Designing my project   #ed6312017actionplan

          • Sara Herbrand

            Reflection + Final

            ...h and the mBot.  For the project I designed, I decided to take...sp;This was my goal with this project.  I wanted to create a be able to accomplish in a project.       &...uated!     Final Project

            • Marshal Burns

              Put this plan into action

              My updated action plan for ED631: Educational Psychology...mons   April 13th--> Designing Final Project -Leave a Blog Post (Upda...mons   April 20th--> Designing Final Project -Leave a Blog Post (Update...

              • Alexa Tanglis

                Breadcrumbs Week 9

                ...dents assemble a portfolio of projects that are all content and g...pass to graduate.  This final project usually requires months of wo...very step of the way on these projects.  Although a surprising...t write what I wrote in their final version assuming I just added t...

                • Sam Miake-Lye

                  Week 12 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 4)

                  I have finally reached the final subsection of my study for ED631. The last portion of...rds. I am very excited to include this figure in my final paper. The chapter also inspi...crises work in my head, which I will include in my final p...

                  • Alexa Tanglis

                    Final Project

                    Here is my final project as a word document.  I really enjoyed taking this class with everyone, talk to you soon!

                    • Marshal Burns

                      Standardized Testing... The Good, The Bad and The Judgement

                                  For the last segment, I wanted to discuss...etermines if a student will be successful in life.   Coming soon, final project for ED631

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Submitting your Final Inquiry Report

                        Here is where you will upload your Final Inquiry Project Reports for 2017-2018. You do this: 1. Prepare your final report. Use this If you have prepared your Final Report as a Google Doc anothe...r file. Copy this url. Your final reports are due by May 21st....