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I am working toward my Masters in Educational Technology Specialist at PACE University. 

    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito

      Hi Sara,
      Welcome. You are the first member of the new group, CS for Teachers. I am really looking forward to working with you again.


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      • Sara Herbrand
        Sara Herbrand published a blog post Final Reflection
        As I sit here, in the last moments of this course, before everything is due and really take a few moments to think about what we have accomplished over the past 14 weeks, what we have created, and learned, and read, and analyzed, two distinct...
          • Gerald Ardito
            Gerald Ardito


            It has been great working with you in this course (and the last). And I appreciate the high standards you set for yourself and how hard you have worked. You are just terrific.

            Honestly, very little makes me happier than when you say this:

            Leanne and I were giving the task simply to "create something new and exciting with the robots".... WHERE WAS I TO GO WITH THAT?! Was the question I asked myself over and over and over (times a million) for a solid week. I tried looking for ideas on Pinterest, I tried tweeting to twitter communities about it, I googled it... and still I was drawing a blank. Then one day I was watching You Tube videos about mBots, and there was a video of two robots that had balloons tied to the back of them, and a long arm with a pin connected, and the users were controlling their robots t drive around to pop the other robots balloon. I thought this was SO COOL. So I started looking for more videos of what people did with two mBot robots. This was wen Leanne and I decided that two is always better than one, and we were going to work together on our robot project.


            This is just inspiring. 

            I look forward to whatever comes next.

          • Sara Herbrand
            Thanks guys!! :D I had a lot of fun programing it! 
            • Sara Herbrand
              Here is my most successful video!!! :D
              • Sara Herbrand
                  First 1/2   Second 1/2
                • Sara Herbrand
                  I hope you dance!
                  • Sara Herbrand
                    Sara Herbrand published a blog post mBot!
                    Leanne and I worked together wit hthe help of her GoPro
                    • Sara Herbrand
                      Sara Herbrand commented on the blog Robot Blog 1.1
                      Ty - I've honestly only ever had luck with connecting via the USB wire.  Connect - Serial Port - COMM # (at least for me!)   I hope this helps!!!