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About me

Hello world!

My name is Susan Granata, I usually go by “Suzie” because inevitably there are more than one Susans in the room and it makes it easier. Unless the other woman wants to be Susie, in which case I revert to the formal.  I am 42 years old, (which makes me the answer to life, the universe, and everything so I don't plan on celebrating any more birthdays) and work as a Tech Ed teacher in a middle school in New Rochelle, NY. I have two amazing children who are 21 and 14, and two adorable cats who are turning 6 this year, and a grumpy husband who is older than dirt.

I love to play with technology, especially with the robots and "maker" type activities that are available now to students and teachers.  This is my third (fourth??) class with Dr. A as the professor and I am excited to spend the semester with him again. It is bittersweet, however, as it’s my last semester at Pace so I hope this is by biggest and best class.