Angelica Iris Ortiz

Brief description: Family oriented, dedicated student, and fan of the Korean culture
Contact email:
Telephone: 7185945582
Mobile phone: 7185945582
Twitter username: @Vampchick28

About me

  • Avid reader of Young Adult books
  • Anime and Manga fan
  • Marvel and DC (more towards Marvel)
  • Artist 
  • Love Korean Dramas, TV shows, and music 
  • BTS Army 
  • Birthday: March 28
  • Puerto Rican 
  • Born and raised New York City 


      • Angelica Iris Ortiz

        Elementary Memories

        By Angelica Iris Ortiz
        I don't have really have memories of when I was learning science in elementary school. When I look back on that time I simply remember that my teacher wasn't much for giving out homework or work in the classroom. She would sit on her chair...
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