Ashley Carpenter

About me

I am a first year 10th grade Earth Science teacher at Cobble Hill School of American Studies. For assessments, I utilize Do Now, Exit Tickets, class discussions, and formal unit assessments to analyze student thinking. The Do Now and Exit Tickets have been somewhat successful for understanding each individual student’s thought processes and motivational drives.  Do Now’s and exit tickets in my classroom have ranged from open ended questions related to the topic, wellness check ins, or checking for understanding of lesson materials. Do Now & Exit Ticket questions that are more opened ended in structure have shown better results in revealing the way student’s construct and organize their thoughts. My intentions are to understand the student’s thought process in effort to better present and disseminate course material. I have had some success in class discussions that I would like to continue to develop in the future.  Areas I would like to grow in assessment would be maintaining order and integrity while checking for understanding throughout each lesson with every student to ensure that no one is slipping through without genuine engagement and opportunity to understand the course material.  Facilitating class discussions in a manner where every voice feels safe to be heard and listened to has been a challenge.  Data gathered from post assessment test corrections have been successful allowing students to reexamine the material as well as identifying areas that might need to be covered again. Maintaining integrity in student responses has also been a challenge as cheating or copying word for word other student responses has been an issue at times.  I am hoping to grow in the way I organize data that I am gathering that I can ensure all students are being held to high standards and receiving the necessary feedback to help them unlock their full potential. In this course I would like to gain a better understanding in methods to grade that clearly organize the data I am gleaning from discussions, written responses and assessments.