Week 12 Work

Here is the work for Week 12.

0. Upload Unit Plans to LiveText. If you have not already done so, you should upload your Unit Plan to LiveText. A link to your Google Doc is sufficient.

1. UDL. We explored UDL and its components in class. In order to apply these concepts to the lesson plans you will be building, please review  the three key components of UDL: engagement, representation, and action & expression

Come to class having thought about how you would incorporate them into the lesson you are designing.

2. Lesson Plan. We are going to spend a chunk of our next class working on the first draft of your lesson plans. To get ready for this work, please do the following:

a. Look over the Lesson Plan template.

b. Identify a lesson you want to develop from the Unit you have designed.

3. Fieldwork Reports. As we discussed at the beginning of the semester, you are preparing two reports on the fieldwork you have done (here is a link to the assignment). Please post links to your reports in this discussion.

This work is due by Friday, May 3rd.