Unit 5 – Putting it all together. Showing what you know ADVANCED

In this unit, we will be putting together all that we have learned about computer science as a set of literacies and how we can put this this new knowledge and skills into practice in schools and classrooms.


For this unit, the work you do depends upon which program you are in.


If you are a Literacy person:

Here is the work:

A. Read. Here are some chapters from another literacy textbook (Fisher and Frey, Improving Adolescent Literacy), which feature more teaching strategies. Please review these strategies.


B. Create a Literacy Lesson Plan. Now, you are going to create a Literacy Lesson Plan for adolescent students using what you learned in this course. This will be submitted to LiveText, and is due no later than May 17th.


If you are an Ed Tech person:

A. Design. Now that you have spent the semester learning about the history of CS in education, learned some text based coding, visualized some data, and programmed robots to do cool things, it is time to apply what you have done to classroom projects or activities that you can use with students. So, you are doing to design a project which your students could do in your classroom using the tools and skills we developed in this course. Your project should include:

1. Essential Questions and Learning Objectives for the project.

2. Clear guidelines for the project which you would give the student.

3. An assessment rubric.


B. Course Portfolio. 

As a last assignment, I want you to do two things. First, gather up what you consider to be your best work for this course and then reflecting on what you learned, what you accomplished, and where your thinking is now about teaching computer science in schools.

You can do this by creating a blog post and then linking to your best work and add a little commentary explaining your choices.

This work is due by Friday May 17th. Use the tag: #puttingitalltogether

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2019

Here is the online home for CS for Teachers at Pace University for Spring 2019.