CS for Teachers Spring 2019 Course Work - ADVANCED

Here is a link to the archive of online class sessions.

Course Organization

The course is organized into a set of five interconnected units. They are:


Unit 1 – Software takes Command: A history and future of computer science in education

In this unit, we will be exploring the (generally little known) rich history of computer science in education.


Unit 2 – Code is Poetry: An introduction to programming languages and logic

In this unit, you will be exploring a set of block based programming tools, such as Scratch and Turtle Blocks, as well as soon text based programming languages such as Processing and Twine, as a way of entering into the world of and key concepts comprising computer science. This unit will also feature a broad exposure to literacy theories, practices, and strategies.


Unit 3 – Beautiful Evidence: Using data visualization to make sense of information

In this unit, we will use programming tools such as Data Wrapper and R to visualize data of all sorts. The focus here will be the usage of these tools in order to tell stories.


Unit 4 – Break It to Make It: Learning about maker spaces through robotics

In this unit, we go beyond the digital world to the physical world, by programming robots and other interactive devices.


Unit 5 – Putting it all together. Showing what you know.

In this unit, we will be putting together all that we have learned about computer science as a set of literacies and how we can put this this new knowledge and skills into practice in schools and classrooms.