Week 2 Work

Here is the work for Session #2:

1. Review the Course Syllabus. Please review the course syllabus, paying attention to key assessments, required texts, and the course schedule. 

2. Getting Started on Pace Commons. Please look over these tutorials about how to get started using Pace Commons. Then, when you are ready, dive in and try these tasks:

    a. Create a profile, including an image of some kind (it doesn't have to be a photo).

    b. Share a bookmark. Find something interesting and share it with us as a bookmark. Be sure to discuss what you found interesting about it. Use any tags you want, but be sure to include: tch215

    c. Create a blog post. Tell us about why you want to teach? What inspires and motivates you to want to do so? Again, use any tags you want, but be sure to include: tch215.

    d. Upload a picture. You know you want to.

    e. Connect with others. It's no fun to share into a vacuum, so try out interacting with your classmates.

2. Listen and Discuss. You are going to listen to this episode from the NPR podcast Invisibilia. Then, you will actively participate in this class discussion here on Pace Commons. You participate by posting replies. Let's have this discussion be as engaging and lively as possible.

3. Read and (prepare to) Respond. This first chunk of the course is organized around the question, "How Do People Learn?" To support our inquiry into this question, we will be reading from a terrific book conveniently titled How People Learn. You will read two chapters, Introduction and Context and Culture. Then, you will buddy up with a classmate to prepare a brief presentation on each chapter to be shared with the class on February 8th. You can create any type of presentation you and your partner believe fits the topic.