Online Course Work for 10/17

Here is the work that replaces our class for 10/17/2018.

Reading/Video Response

Today, we are going to be doing some reading and watching videos of some teachers in action to investigate a set of guiding questions: What is the role of inquiry and discovery in the teaching of science? What role do teachers have in creating an environment that supports inquiry and discovery? What practices support and/or inhibit inquiry and discovery in the teaching of science?

For this work, you are going to:

1. Read a book chapter from How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom (2005). You are doing to read Chapter 11, Guided Inquiry in the Science Classroom, which you can find here

2. Watch Science Teaching and Organization (which is not what it sounds like).

3. Watch 4th Grade Motion Science.

Then, you will prepare a response and post it in this discussion. You can find the directions for preparing your video/text responses here.

This work is due by the end of the day Wednesday, October 17th.