Self Assessment Rubric

TCH 420 Fall 2018 

Mid Semester Self-Assessment 





Exceeds Expectations 

Meets Expectations 

Approaching Expectations 

Does Not Meet Expectations 


I attend all classes, missing none. 

I attend most classes. When classes are missed, I make up any missing work. 

I attend some classes. When classes are missed, I sometimes make up missing work. 

I miss many classes and do not make up missing work. 


My participation is exceptional and inspires the best from others. 

I always participate in class. 

I usually participate in class. 

I rarely participate in class. 


I am always prepared for class and have thought beyond what was expected of me. 

I am always prepared for class with what has been required of me. 

I am usually prepared for class 

I am sometimes or never prepared for class. 

Quality of Work 

My work is always of the highest quality and goes beyond what is expected. 

My work is consistently of high quality and delivers what is expected. 

My work is of uneven quality and sometimes delivers what is expected. 

My work is of low quality and fails to meet what is expected. 





Please write a reflection that addresses the following questions. Be specific in your responses and provide evidence for your claims. 


What would you say are your strengths as a student in this class? 


What is your plan for deepening your strengths? 


What would you say are your weaknesses as a student in this class? 


What is your plan for addressing these weaknesses? 


What suggestions do you have for improving our class?

    • Angelica Iris Ortiz
      Angelica Iris Ortiz

      My strengths as a student in this class are that I am consistently on time with my assignments and even though I get things wrong from time to time I am persistent in participating in class. There was even a day where I missed class and asked around from the Professor and from my classmates if there were any assignments to complete before the next class. I don't want to miss out on any of the lessons even if I am out sick. 

      My plans for deepening my strengths are to gain more knowledge about teaching and creating science lessons. Even though I am struggling to create this unit plan, I feel that by gaining more experience it will help me strengthen my knowledge on how to create a good lesson plan for the future. 

      My weaknesses as a student in the class is that I don't make friends easily. I am more of an introvert and if I am comfortable with just one person in the class then I am fine. I don't have to get to know everyone else if I build a good relationship with just one person. And I don't step out of my comfort zone a lot, I like consistency so if I am good in one place I don't have to move anywhere else. 

      I don't really have a plan in order to address this weakness. But when I participated on Monday with three other people I thought it would be a good chance to get out of my comfort zone. Now I will be working with two other people in the classroom who I am not familiar with in order to get to know them better. 

      I don't have any suggestions for improving our class because I really enjoy both the classroom environment and the assignments given to us. Especially the science questions of the week, Those give us more of an insight into what kind of interests my classmates have in the science field. And I also get to show them a scientific topic that I am interested in and answer questions in which I have for them. With the conversations we have in the beginning of class, we are able to get things off our chest that have frustrated us before getting there and even talk about fun things that have happened. It lightens up the mood in the classroom and I don't feel as stressed as I am in my other classes because we all talk to each other during that time. In my other classes I just walk in and sit alone without conversing with anyone. The beginning of the class puts me in a good mood before we start to get into the lessons which helps me focus during the class. So I have no opinions or suggestions in making improvements in our class since it has been great since day one.