Session 7 - October 1st

Here is the work for our next class  on Monday October 1st.

1. SQOTW#4. Nicolette has posted her question here. Be sure to respond by Sunday, September 30th.

2. Reflection on Science Standards. Now that we have reviewed all of the grade level standards, I would like you to reflect on what you have learned. How are they organized? Do you agree with how they are organized (why or why not)? What areas are you excited about teaching? Which ones do you find challenging?

Your reflection should be well written and argued, with evidence provided by the standards themselves.

You will create a blog post for this work and use the tag: #sciencestandreflect

3. Plant Growing Activity. Here are the requirements for our plant growing project. First, though, go to this discussion board and claim your plant. Remember that you cannot pick a plant to grow that anyone else has claimed. 

By class on Monday, you should have gathered all of your materials.