Plant Growing Project

A key part of elementary science is for your students to understand how life cycles work. And so, we are about to embark on a project where you will germinate seeds and then plant them.

Here is what you will do:

1. Germinating your seeds. Here is a guide for helping you to germinate your seeds. You may also find this video helpful. (By the way, if you find more resources you found helpful, post them in the comments below.)

2. Plant your seedlings. Once your seeds start to germinate, you are going to transfer them into soil. You can use a paper cup or a small flower pot. Here is a guide to use.

3. Document the process. You are going to make daily observations in your notebooks. These observations will include writing and drawing. You are also encouraged to take photographs as well. It would be great to produce a stop motion animation of your little baby plant coming to life. Remember to be colorful.

Your observations and drawings and photos should start with your seeds.