Week 5

1. Reading. This week, we will be reading two seminal articles involving the teaching of computer programming to children. The first is The Black Box Inside of the Glass Box, which you can find here. The second, Children's Mental Models of Recursive LOG Program, can be found here.

2. Response. Both readings deal with programming as a way to understand how a child learns. You may appreciate this more now that you have done some programming with Etoys. What did you learn about yourself through learning to code, especially by making and correcting errors? What do you think your students would learn (other than coding) by learning to code? Be sure to use this week's tag, cs4tweek5, however you post your work.

3. Pick a (coding) language. It's time to declare which language you intend on learning in our next unit, "Code is Beautiful." Please complete this short survey here. I would appreciate your doing so asap so I can pull together the groups and resources. In case you have a problem accessing the survey, try this:

4. Informed Consents. If you have not yet downloaded and signed the Informed Consent forms I mentioned last week, please do so now.

Computer Science for Teachers

Computer Science for Teachers

This group is to support the Spring 2016 section of EDU 696M Computer Science for Teachers.