Week 1 Work - TCH 420

Here is the work for Week 1 of our course

1. Supplies. Please come to the next class with your notebook (spiral or composition book) and your colored pens, pencils, or crayons (or some combination thereof).

2. Textbooks. You should purchase the two textbooks for the course. Digital or used copies are fine.

3. Pace Commons. Use these brief tutorials to help you get started. Then, be sure to do the following: 1) create your profile -- be sure to include an avatar, 2) share a bookmark to something on the web you think would be of interest to me and your classmates, 3) write a blog post in which you share a memorable experience from your elementary school years in science, 4) share a photo. For each of these pieces, use the tag: tch420week1

4. Science Question of the Week (SQOTW) #1. Rachel will post our first SQOTW, which she will do as a blog post here on Pace Commons. You will be have to find it here. Here is a brief tutorial for setting up a Discussion in Pace Commons. Your job is to now actively participate in the discussion, which Rachel will moderate. So, be sure to check in at least once daily to check in. Rachel will then prepare a presentation for our class next Wednesday that discusses the SQOTW #1.  All you need to do to participate is to post a Comment. 

5. Science Standards. Spend some time looking the New York Science standards for grades 1-6. Make some notes about patterns you see, areas of focus, as well as questions you have and be prepared to participate in a discussion about these standards during our next class.

Dive in, have fun, do great work. And shout if you need anything.