Code is Beautiful - Spring 2018

The next (and last) project for our course is called "Code is Beautiful." In this project, you will be doing some text based coding. You will be creating a "Create Your Own Adventure" digital story that would share with your students.

To do this project, you will work with software called Twine, which is designed to let you build interactive stories. You will work through a tutorial and then create your own game. 

Here is the work:

1. Get Twine. Download and install Twine on your computer.

2. Tutorial. Work through this terrific tutorial. You will find it on pages 62-69 on this pdf. You will find there a link to a completed project which you can modify and play with.

3. Create your own game. Once you have worked through the sample, you will design and program your own game. Your project must include: formatting, links, conditional statements (if/else), and embedded multimedia. You are free to be as crazy and creative as you would like.

4. Share your game. Once your game is ready, you will upload it to Itch so that others can play. Then, post the links to your game here on Pace Commons. Use the tag: codeisbeautiful

5. Share your experience. When you post the link to your game, include a reflection of this experience. For this reflection, take the point of view of a language learner, since I would imagine that none of you are familiar with this coding language.

This work is due no later than May 6th.

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

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