Final Unit Plan plus Changes Memo

It's now time to finish our Unit Plans.

(As a reminder, here are the necessary components: Complete the Unit Plan Development Cycle in full. Here is a visual that captures what we did. You can also refer back to the resources I left for our last session. I have fixed the link to the Understanding by Design book).

Here is what is expected.

1. By the end of Tuesday (4/3/2018). Upload your full unit plan (including ALL the components) by the end of the day, Use the tag: unitplandevelopment

2. By mid day Wednesday (4/4/2018). Leave feedback for EVERY student. This feedback should be meaningful and substantive. Use the tag: unitplandevelopment for your comments.

3. By class on Thursday (4/5/2018). Upload your final, complete, improved Unit Plan to Pace Commons, along with a memo identifying ALL of the feedback you received and how you incorporated it (or not) into your final unit plans.

Be sure to use your time well and reach out to myself or others as needed.