Final Project

Here are the requirements for the final project for this work.

It has two parts:

1) You are going to create an overall plan for your K-12 Ed Tech curriculum for the Florida New York school district. 

You should start by establishing no more than 3 priorities that want to center the curriculum around. These priorities should involve a combination of "softer" skills (like problem solving or critical thinking) and "harder" skills (like that every student will have a deep experience of computer science in a variety of courses and experiences).

Then, you will create a K-12 curriculum by creating a flow from Elementary to Middle to High School.

2) Once you have created a high level curriculum, you will design three full units -- one for elementary students, one for middle school students, and one for high school students. These units can be about different topics, but should show a progression from grades K-12. You must use the School of Education Unit Planning Template, which can be found here.


Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design

This is a group engaged in gaining mastery in the Understanding by Design Framework.