Session 11 - Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions, Assessment Reflection, Unit Choice

Here is the work for Session 11 (2/27/2018).

1. Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions. Your first task is to refine the Big Ideas and Essential Questions you have developed for your content areas based on today's class and the feedback you received from your classmates. As we discussed, the goal of the BIs/EQs is to carve out the world for your course. And don't forget to the Whoa! and Leaning In factors. You should post the stable/final versions to Pace Commons, using the tag: tch215bieqfinal. I took photos of the versions you made for class today. You can find there here.

2. How Do You Know They Know? You second task is to do some thinking about how would you know that your students were proficient (at least) in the Big Ideas and could answer your Essential Questions competently and substantively. You will then collect your thoughts into a blog post here on Pace Commons. Your responses should be detailed and thoughtful. Use the tag: tch215howIknow.

3. Which Unit? Your third and final task is to identify the unit from one of the courses you are planning to teach, which you will develop in detail in this course. I suggest picking one that you feel less confident or even afraid to teach, since you will be receiving a lot of feedback on this unit plan. You can share this when you post your final BIs/EQs.

All of this work is due by the end of the day on Monday, February 26th.