Big Ideas and Essential Questions

Big Ideas:

1. History is made up of multiple perspectives rather than just one side.

2. Places are effected by what happens all over the world.

3. History tends to repeat itself.

Essential Question:

1. Why does history repeat itself?

2. How does your learning of other nationalities and religions impact your understanding of other countries?

3.How does geography play a role in culture?

    • Taylor Bolger
      Taylor Bolger

      In your first essential question I'd like to throw a theory your way in saying that perhaps we repeat history because we are only looking for exact replicas of events instead of looking for identical or similar signs of events observed throughout history. Because even when it repeats it's not always identical to an event that came before.

      • Olivia Difusco
        Olivia Difusco

        Hi Jackie, 

           I really like the essential questions you have here. Mostly because I think they really do set the stage for teaching global history. Since global is very immersed in many different cultures and places, your question #s 2 and 3 address it. Also, as cliche as it may sound sometimes, I think asking a class why history repeats itself is definitely worth it to an essential question. Thanks for sharing !

        • Gerald Ardito
          Gerald Ardito


          You have done a nice job with these.


          Taylor and Olivia,

          Thanks for your feedback.