Session 7/8 - Standards and Assessment Analysis

Adolescent Content Standards and Assessment Analysis


Please see this page for links to the various standards and assessments for the various content areas.


Part 1: Content Area Standards


1. Review the standards document for your area. Note that most of the documents have an overview which discusses the thinking behind the standards and design principles used. Look at these as well as the standard specific to the course you are focusing on for this assignment.

2. Look at the standards for one of the courses in your content area. Note what seems to the key areas and which ones are less important. Design some way to visualize your findings.

3. Note any questions or concerns that you have as you review these documents.


Part 2: Content Area Assessments



1. Review the structure of the test. Note the number/percentage of multiple choice versus short answer versus long answer questions.

For example, if there were 80 questions on the test and 40 were multiple choice, you would report 40 multiple choice questions for 50%.


2. Review the distribution of content in the test. To do this, look over the standards to which the exam is correlated and determine the number/percentage of questions on the exam for each standard. For example, in the Living Environment Regents exam, roughly 40 questions/50% are devoted to Man's Impact on the Environment.


3. Review the exam and report on any other trends that you see. For example, you might report that 30% of the questions used diagrams or charts.


4. Reflect on anything else that impresses you about the exam you are analyzing.


Your groups should post your analysis and reflections to Pace Commons by the end of the day Wednesday February 14th. Use the tag: standardsanalysis