Session #6

Thanks for the great job you did teaching. As I was discussing with Taylor after class, I designed this to be a challenging exercise. Teaching on Demand. And then Giving Feedback on Demand. You handled both challenges well. If they worked as designed, you should be left with lots of questions. I hope that is the case.

Here is your work for Session #6:

1. Complete the response on Feedback that was due today. (see here for details).
2. Reflection. Now that you have done some teaching and had the experience of giving and getting some feedback, I would like to you reflect on how those things went and what you learned. For your reflection, you can consider these questions:
1. How did you feel your lesson went? Where were you satisfied? Where were you surprised?
2. What kind of feedback did you get from your lesson? What would you do to respond to that        feedback?
3. What was it like giving feedback to others? What would you change to make your feedback more meaningful?

You should post this reflection to Pace Commons by Wednesday evening (2/7). Use the tag: teachingreflection.