Session 5

Here is the work expected for Session #5 for Tuesday, February 6.

1. Teaching. Be prepared to teach your 3-5 minute lesson on something you are passionate about. 

2. Reading Responses. The topic of feedback (responding to students) came up a number of times while we discussing the qualities and skills of teachers. So, I thought it would be a good time to read this book chapter by John Hattie on feedback. 
Hattie is a very well known researcher in education -- Google him. I think you will be impressed by his work. 
Once you have read the chapter, I want you to write a response to it. It's a meaty chapter, so I expect your responses to be substantive. Your responses should address the following questions:
  • How does Hattie define feedback? 
  • Do you agree or disagree with his definitions?
  • How does his descriptions of feedback connect to the qualities and skills you defined as part of being an awesome teacher.
In your responses, be sure to include specific evidence from the text to support your arguments.

You should write your reponse as a blog post on Pace Commons. Use the tag: hattiefeedback.
This reading response is due by the end of the day on Sunday, February 4th.