• Jamie Soldinger
      Jamie Soldinger



      • Passionate
      • Humble
      • Effective Communicator
      • Fair
      • Open-Minded
      • Caring
      • Professional
      • Patient
      • Inspiring
      • Respectful
      • Positive
      • Organized
      • Attentive
      • Consistent
      • Charismatic
      • Flexible
      • Accepting
      • Good work ethic 
      • Good listener
      • Empowering
      • Compassionate

      Skills & Talents:

      • Find a balance between spice and easy-going
      • Able to guide in the right direction and give students that extra push 
      • Apply the knowledge they have and know their subject, make the topic interesting to the students
      • Organized= have a lesson plan / time - management 
      • Inspirational= able to form relationships with students / give their "all" and give chances in the classroom
      • Relatable / Approachable= someone the kids know they can go to
      • Be open to students ideas, if a student has an idea in the classroom do not shut them down immediately, listen to what they have to say then reflect
      • Learner= learn from your students (be a student in your own classroom) / do not be closed off to more experienced teachers ideas
      • Attentive= inclusive- get everyone engaged / knowing how to interact 1 on 1 in group settings / understanding certain children's disabilities 
      • Make students comfortable enough to interact with both the teacher and other classmates 
      • Don't assume= do make prejudgements on students (they can always surprise you), don't judge
      • Reflective= look back on how lessons went and see if anything needs to be changed 
      • Willing to grow= education is constantly changing, you must be willing to change your mindset and even your willing to learn more about your subject