Tree Spiration

    • Brianna Iliceto
      Brianna Iliceto



      • Personable 
      • Inspiring 
      • Consistant 
      • Determined 
      • Humorous
      • Passionate 
      • Assertive 
      • Respectful 
      • Understanding 
      • Motivated 
      • Knowledgable


      • Flexibility:
        • Ability to create a comfortable learning environment for each student no matter the circumstances.
        • Bring quick on your feet when a problem arrises.
      • Patience 
        • Not only being patient with the students, but also their parents. 
      • Role-Model
        • Everybody is learning in the classroom, even the teacher. 
      • Organized 
        • Clear and concise while speaking 
        • Being fully prepared for class with lesson plans and materials
      • Relatable 
        • Connecting topics to real life things.
        • Keeping the students interested in the lessons.
      • Goal-Oriented
        • Setting attainable goals and having high expectations for all students. 
        • Setting reasonable deadlines. 
      • Punctual 
        • Being on time for class and meetings.