Session 2


It was really nice to start to get to know you and work with you this morning. I find myself thinking about travel, political action, sports, and dance (among other things).

Here is the work for Session #2 (this Thursday):

1. Pace Commons. Use the directions I sent to login to Pace Commons. Then, do the following:

    a. Create a profile, including an image of some kind (it doesn't have to be a photo).

    b. Share a bookmark. Find something interesting and share it with us as a bookmark. Be sure to discuss what you found interesting about it. Use any tags you want, but be sure to include: tch215

    c. Create a blog post. Tell us about why you want to teach? What inspires and motivates you to want to do so? Again, use any tags you want, but be sure to include: tch215.

    d. Connect with others. It's no fun to share into a vacuum, so look at how you can interact with your classmates.

2. Textbook. As we said in class today, I am re-looking at whether or not to use the textbook I had assigned. If you haven't yet bought it, hold off for now.


I look forward to seeing your work online.