Week 1: "Hello World"

“Hello World”

In Computer Science, novice programmers typically learn to write the code for  “Hello World” in whatever language they are undertaking.


This week, we will land ourselves in the nuts and bolts of this course. We will get ourselves up and running on Pace Commons. We will do our first reading and responding. And we will write our first computer code.

So,  here's what there is to do:

Get ready!

Review the course syllabus, which you can find here.

Set up your profile on Pace Commons.

Join the group there “Computer Science for Teachers.”


Get set!

Write your first blog post. Use it to introduce yourself to the rest of us and what you are hoping to accomplish in this course. We are establishing a community, so don't be shy about sharing with us.

As other people post, leave comments.  Remember, we are a community of learners here.

Share something cool about teaching with and through computer science. Do some reading online about teaching with and through computer science.  When you find something interesting, please share it with us by creating a bookmark in Pace Commons. Here is a good example of a bookmark.



Read this project on teaching robotics to young children without computers.

Write Code.Then, following their instructions, write code to make your robot dance the hokey pokey. Share Your Code. Snap a photo of your code and upload it to Pace Commons. Be sure to share it with the group.


All of this is due by Sunday, January 28th.



Be sure to get the textbook and your robot. See details here. You will need the textbook for next week's work and the robot soon.


Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018

Here is the online home for CS for Teachers.