Concept Map Project - Part 1

This project has two parts. One will be due this week, and one the following week. Here are the details for

Part 1.

You will be doing this part on your own.
1. Identify a Topic. For this work, we will focus on the broad area of Man's Impact on the Environment. You could focus on acid rain or climate change or extinction events or reduced biodiversity or invasive species or anything else you consider relevant.

2. Create a Concept Map and a Recording of Your Thinking Out Loud. As we did on Thursday, you will draw a concept map to help you layout the key concepts in this topic for yourself. You are going to add one more piece to what we did in class. As you are drawing your concept maps, I want you to make a audio recording where you think out loud as you draw your concept map. This article may give you some ideas about thinking out loud.

3. Design a Learning Activity. As we did with Entropy, use what you learned from building your concept maps to design a learning activity that gives your students an experience of the key concepts involved in whatever you chose to teach. Post these to Pace Commons (as a blog post), and use the tag: learningactivities.

4. Turn in Your Concept Maps and Thinking Out Loud Recordings. Once this work is done, take a picture of your concept map and upload them to Pace Commons. Make sure the concept map has your name and date on it. I have created a photo album called "Concept Maps" for you to use. You can find it here. Just click on the button that says "Upload Photos to This Album."

Please email me your sound recordings.

This work is due by Friday, September 22.

ED 644 Fall 2017

ED 644 Fall 2017

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