Week 1

Here is the work for Week 1 of our course. The goal is to begin to create the foundations of a learning community and to lay the groundwork for our work together.

1. Get Set Up on Pace Commons. In the email that got you here, there were instructions for logging into Pace Commons and setting up your Profile. Now that you are set up, do some playing and exploring. Share a link (bookmark), share a photo. Have fun.

2. Introduce Yourselves. This course is all about how learning happens, so I ask that you introduce yourself as a learner. How do you learn best? What kind of an learning environment seems to be the most productive for you? Why do you think? What learning experiences have been great for you? What learning experiences have not been so great for you?

Give some thought to these questions, and then write a response by creating a blog post here on Pace Commons. In your post, be sure to add the tag edg606intros.

3. Read and Respond. To get us started thinking about learning environments, I have found two recent articles by prominent scholars. The first is by Steven Downes, who is one of the co-founders of a new learning theory called Connectivism. The second discusses the work of Carl Rogers.

Once you have read these, please contribute to this group discussion.




    • Gerald Ardito
      Gerald Ardito


      Is this your response to my question about how your learning experiences. If so, please create a separate blog post as I had indicated. And be sure to use the tag specified.

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