Uploading and sharing a file in Pace Commons

Here's how you upload and share a file on Pace Commons.

1. Get your file. This can be a Word Doc, PDF, Excel spreadsheet -- really, anything.

2. Go to the "Files" menu. You can access it on the top navigation bar of Pace Commons or from within a group.

3. Click on "Upload a File." Go ahead. Click on it. Then, fill out the required information and select your file. When you are done, click on "Upload." You will then be presented with a page on Pace Commons that has its own url and which contains your file. Copy this url.

4. Share the URL on Pace Commons. Now, go whenever you would like to share your file on Pace Commons - a blog post, a blog reply, etc.

Congratulations, you have just uploaded and shared a file on Pace Commons.

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