Weeks 6 to 9

Week 11: Working with our Robots at Last!

Your work for this week (and the next 3) will focus around your robots. You are going to put them together, then try out programming them, and then work on two challenges. It is going to be a very exciting time here in CS for Teachers! So, here goes:

1. Read. We are going to be using the curriculum I originally designed a robotics program given for a group of high school students in Mt. Vernon in 2016. I have redesigned it for you. Here is an overview of our work for the next four weeks.

2. Reflect. As you will see, part of this learning process will involve substantive reflections which I ask that you do via blog posts here on Pace Commons. Be sure to do at least one per week and to read those of others as well. For all posts and comments, please use the tag #robots4teachers.

3. Make. You can do as fast as you like in working over the next four weeks. But be sure to do at least the work from the first week.

This entire project is due no later than March 31st.

Have fun. Shout if you need anything.

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