Week 2 - A Detailed Action Plan

First, see my short video with feedback about your work for Week 1. You can find it here.

This week is the second part of organizing (or starting to organize our work for the rest of the semester). This involves two main components:

1. Create and maintain a detailed Action Plan
For Week 1, you created a high level plan. I have read them over and they are generally read good and thoughtful. You job now is to create a detailed action plan which takes you step by step from where you are now to having completed the work of the course. You can create the plan using whatever tools you like: a blog post (here on Pace Commons or elsewhere), a Word document, spreadsheet, Google Doc, etc. However you develop your plan, please post it to Pace Commons and use the tag: #ed6312017actionplan.

Here is a good and simple guide to creating a self-directed learning plan.

This action plan is due by Sunday February 11th.

2. Weekly Breadcrumbs

Each week, you will leave breadcrumbs, part of which is to update us on your progress against your plan.
You are each on a journey for yourselves and we are collectively on a journey. It is good when you are traveling to an unfamiliar place to leave breadcrumbs, which you will do EACH WEEK on Pace Commons. You can keep your own blog and link to it. You can create a Google Doc which you update each week and then share a bookmark. You can do a video blog posting each week. Or something else that I haven't mentioned. The only requirement is that is account for your work for the week, compare that work against your plan, and that you share with us about what you are learning.

These breadcrumbs are due by each Friday beginning February 17th.




ED 631 - Educational Psychology - Spring 2017

ED 631 - Educational Psychology - Spring 2017

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