Week 1 - "Hello World"


“Hello World”

In Computer Science, novice programmers typically learn to write the code for  “Hello World” in whatever language they are undertaking.


This week, we will land ourselves in the nuts and bolts of this course. We will get ourselves up and running on Pace Commons. We will do our first reading and responding. And we will write our first computer code.

So,  here's what there is to do:

0. Get familiar with the course. This course was designed to explore the teaching of Computer Science as a literacy (which is why we have a mix of Ed Tech and Literacy students in the course. I think this will be a great community and I look forward to participating with you. Please look over the course syllabus to see how the course is designed and organized.

1. Get started with Pace Commons. Since this is your first time working with Pace Commons, we are going to get ourselves organized and up to speed. So, here are the tasks you should do:

Set up your profile. You can access your profile by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Please add an avatar and a description of yourself, along with any other information  you would like to share with us.

Introduce yourself. Now that you have identified yourself, it's time to share a bit. Please create a blog post and use it to introduce yourself to us. Who are you as an educator? What are you hoping to accomplish in this course? What questions do you have? Be sure to tag your post using #cs4teachersintro. Feel free to leave comments on one another's posts (which you will be able to find using the tag)

Share a bookmark. This week, as you are reading on the internet, find something you would like to share with the group, then create a bookmark and share it. Add some description about why you found it worth sharing. Here is a good example of a bookmark.

2. Get to work. Read this project on teaching robotics to young children without computers.. Then, following their instructions, write code to make your robot dance the hokey pokey. Snap a photo of your code and upload it to Pace Commons. Be sure to share it with the group and use the tag #hokeypokey.

If you need something, just post to the group discussion I have opened called "How Do I...?"

Work hard. Have fun.

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