Learning Module #1 - How Do We Learn Science?

Welcome to our first Learning Module - How Do We Learn Science?

This is the first of three online learning modules that we will be explore in this course. This first one focuses on the learning of science. It is organized around a single big idea:

In order to teach science effectively, we need to know how people learn science.

Here are a set of materials for you as you navigate this module. They form a path and can be experienced in whatever order makes sense to you.

Video. Alan Kay on Powerful Ideas

Reading. How People Learn, Chapter 2

Reading. Results and Implications of a 12-Year Longitudinal Study of Science Concept Learning

Link. The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them

And there is some work to do while you follow the path:

1. Leave breadcrumbs. You will keep a journal of your experiences, thoughts, connections, etc., as you follow this path. You can do that as a series of blog entries on Pace Commons, a series of blog entries elsewhere (which you will post on Pace Commons as bookmarks). You can create a video diary, a photo collage, anything that captures your experiences, thoughts, etc. as you follow this path.You can start a discussion on Pace Commons (if you do so, start it within our ED 644 group). How you leave breadcrumbs for the rest of us is entirely up to you.

However you decide to express yourself, please do so at least three times between now and the time we get back together on October 6th.

And whenever you post anything as part of this module to Pace Commons, please use the tag ED644LearningModule1.

2. Extend the Path. You will also add to our path by sharing at least one additional resource with the rest of us. It can be a video, research article, website, etc. that you find useful. You can do this via a bookmark on Pace Commons. When you share this bookmark, be sure to annotate it with your rationale for sharing it.

How does it add/contribute/shed light on the conversations we are having in this module?

Again, be sure to use the tag ED644LearningModule1.

I very much look forward to sharing this experience with you. Be bold! Be great!

ED 644 Fall 2016

ED 644 Fall 2016

This is where we will work together to learn to teach Science to adolescents.