How People Learn, cont'd and Constructing Models of Learners and Learning

As we finish the first round of investigating how people learn (see class notes here and an audio recording of the class lecture here), we have moved into constructing models of learners, teachers, and learning environments.

Our next task is for you to construct a model of learners, teachers, and learning environments. For example, in class, we developed the beginning of such a model. So far, there are two entities, learners and learning environments. And these entities have properties: motivation/mindset for the learner and teaching styles for the learning environment. 


Your job now is to create a more complete model. Please work on your own to develop your model. What are the entities (learners? learning environment/teachers? Any others? What properties should these entities have? What types of connections are there between the various entities?

Please bring this work with you to class on Tuesday, February 25th.


    • Roman Fiscella
      Roman Fiscella

      My entities are learning environments and teachers. Teachers have the ability to change the learning environment which makes a huge difference in how students learn.  

    TCH 215 Spring 2020

    TCH 215 Spring 2020

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