Book Project

We have launched our book project.

The goal of the project is to investigate questions relating to learning and education and to address them via the tools of philosophy. The "book" will capture our investigations into each question.

Here is a table with each question we will be investigating and the teams responsible for investigating them.

Here is the rubric we will be using to assess our work on the book (thanks to Ayra for collaborating with me on this).

We will be doing this work in chunks, as follows:


Chunk 1. Organizing ourselves.

For this chunk, your groups will meet and do the following:

a. Share contact information with one another.

b. Break down the sub concepts that are part of your question. Concept maps are a really helpful tool in doing this work. I have created an example which you can see here. I strongly advise that you use a concept map to help you with this part of the process. I use software called CmapTools, which is great.

c. Create an Action Plan. Who will be doing what and by when. Your chapter should be done by December 15th. You will be presenting your work in class on December 16 and 18. Your action plan is a map that takes you from now until then.

This work is all due by class on Monday November 18th.


Chunk FINAL. Finishing your chapters and giving presentations

Here is what remains:

1. Finishing your chapter. You and your partners (if you have any) will turn in your final work by Sunday, December 15th via email. This final work should include a filled in copy of the project rubric (which you can find here). Download it as a Word doc, fill it out, and email it to me along with the chapter.

2. Giving your presentations. You and your partners, if you have any) will give a brief presentation during one of our last two classes. See the picture below for the schedule Monday refers to 12/16/2019 and Wednesday refers to 12/18/2019. Target your presentations to be about 5 minutes log and expect to use another 5 minutes to answer questions and/or refer to comments. 



Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

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