Final Project - Blended Learning Plan

Final Project: Blended Learning Plan

For the final assignment, you will focus on the needs of a specific school, district, or educational organization (of your choice). Students will present a blended learning plan of sufficient professional quality and detail that it could be presented to educational leaders on demand. The Blended Learning Plan should consist of the following:

0. A proposal that briefly details your plans for this assignment. Your proposal will be approved by the instructor.

1. An executive summary

2. A needs assessment based on relevant data with clearly articulated strategic recommendations for blended learning

3. Clearly articulated success metrics leadership should expect to see, aligned to the Danielson Framework or comparable evaluation schema

4. A review of research relevant to the organization’s needs and suggested blended learning model

5. A timeline for the kinds of professional learning opportunities for educators (i.e. coaching, workshops, online courses) as well as the kinds of technical needs associated with blended learning

6. A proposed budget for the implementation, including both professional learning and technical budget categories.

7. A final reflection on the process of designing this learning experience.


Most of you have already decided on a topic for this project. Please have your first post be a formal declaration/proposal of your project. Post this by Friday, November 15th.

Then, you will make weekly posts indicating your progress. 

Your final project is due to be completed no later than Tuesday December 17th and should be posted to Pace Commons.

For all of your posts for this project, be sure to use the tag: blendedlearningplan

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