Experience of Online/Blended Learning

The goal of this activity is to have you immerse yourself into and online or blended learning experience, and to then reflect on the process of learning as well as the structure of the learning experience itself.

For this assignment, you will participate in an online learning experience of your choosing. It should be an extended experience (meaning, it seeks to achieve deeper learning). It could be a formal course (via EdX or Coursera, OpenCulture, or other platforms), or some other structured activity. For example, I found this really interesting video series focusing on some key American film directors and their work (https://vimeo.com/channels/directorsseries).

Throughout this assignment, you will maintain a log of your experiences as a learner and blended learning designer through a series of blog posts on Pace Commons. At minimum, you must post weekly, but are free to post as often as you would like.

On every post, be sure to use this tag: onlineblendedexperience2019

Please arrange to complete this experience, if possible, around November 8th. 

Blending Learning Fall 2019

Blending Learning Fall 2019

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