The Rationalists/The Empiricists

Second and Third Rounds of Facilitated Discussions

In our next two class sessions (10/7 and 10/14), we are going to be discussing two groups of philosophers: those called the Rationalists and Empiricists. Both groups had a lot to say, as you will see, about how knowledge is constructed and how we interact with the world.

In order to prepare to either lead these discussions (see the chart above) or participate in them, you are going to do two things. First, you are going to read Chapters 4 (The Rationalists) and Chapter 5 (The Empiricists) in the Payne book. Then, you are also going to deepen your knowledge of these folks by exploring at least 3 other resources. Be sure to keep track of specific resources you used. You will be reporting these to me.

I am expecting the folks listed above to lead us in an engaging, interactive discussion about these philosophers. You will have a few minutes at the beginning of each session to confer with your partners.

Other Resources

Here are some good resources you can use to learn more about these philosophers. You are also welcome to find your own.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - This is an amazing resource. You can look up the individual philosophers (e.g., Spinoza) or even a school of philosophy (e.g, Rationalism vs Empiricism).

Philosophy Basics. This is a good resource. As with the Stanford Encyclopedia, you can look up individuals or schools of philosophy.

Collection of Videos. Here is a collection of videos on various philosophers and schools of philosophy. 

Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

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