Reading and Responses/Annotated Bibliography

Key Assignment: Reading and Responses/Annotated Bibliography

For this excursion, you are going to read from a wide range of research into the blended and distance learning, in order to develop a deeper understanding of who and what we as designers of blended learning experiences. You can find the course readings here. To capture and focus your understanding, you will create an annotated bibliography of these readings. Your annotated bibliography should meet the following criteria:

1. Include a citation to the article using APA 6th citation style.

2. Provide a summary of the research in your own words.

3. Include annotations which are: a. substantive,  b. thoroughly and thoughtfully done, c. well written using standard English, and d. answer the questions - "What does this teach about the science of teaching and learning?" and "What can I take away from this reading to apply in my classroom?" and "What questions does it raise?" 

The best way to do this is to create one Google Doc for the whole set of entries, which you should share with my Google account -- Please give me editing permissions so I can leave feedback on your work.

Your Annotated Bibliography will have a total of 8 entries. You have already made 2. For remaining 6, you can choose from the readings I have compiled and the guest speaker sessions. You can find an updated list of these session recordings here‚Äč.

This work is due no later than Tuesday, December 17th.

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